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Interview Tips # 1 Research the organization

Everyone gets nervous at interview time.   It’s a big occasion and you should be nervous. However, if you start with some thorough research, you start to build a case in your own mind of why you should be sitting in that interview room or in front of a panel. Having some confidence is a solid first step to overcoming nerves.

Interview Tips # 2 Research the role

One thing that constantly surprises me is that few people really have a thorough understanding of the role that they are applying for.  The person writing the advert is often not the person that you’ll be reporting to. Things always sound different on paper compared to what you will actually be doing in the role.

Interview Tips # 3 Research yourself

Employers want you to be self aware. Have a long hard look at what you have achieved, the way you have achieved that result and the skills you developed or demonstrated along the way. This type of reflection helps you understand your strengths. It gives you confidence and helps you overcome nerves.

Interview Tips # 4 Interviewer Insight

No two interview processes are the same. Depending on the organization and the role, you could be interviewed by a recruitment consultant, the HR department, the line manager or all three individually, or any combination. Each will have a different agenda for the interview. This is important to remember as your approach with each should be slightly different.

Interview Tips # 5 Build rapport

Be friendly. People really like that! One of the best ways to relax is to assume the interviewer is on your side. Good interviewers are not interested in tripping you up. In fact, most of them are on your side, or are at the very least they will be approaching the interview in a professional manner. It may even help to you to relax if you think of the interviewer as someone who wants you to do your best.

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