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When you’re attending a job interview, first impressions are critical.  It actually takes someone approximately 7 seconds to make an opinion of you, when presenting at a job interview.  Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the first impression you are giving off.  Are you coming across as human and likeable?  Do you exude professionalism and charm?

Find below some pointers that may assist you give a ‘knock out’ first impression –

Dress to impress – You want to go to an interview looking sharp, articulate and extremely well groomed.  This includes well ironed clothes, polished shoes, hair washed and neat and tidy.  You need to research the people who may be interviewing you.  For corporate roles, you need to wear corporate attire (tailored business suits).  If the position, for example is more of an artistic, creative role, dress as though you look creative (yet still give a professional appearance).   It’s always better to be over dressed as opposed to under dressed.

Give an impressionable handshake – a critical element in creating a good first impression.  Must be firm.

Eye Contact and Body Language –good posture, shoulders back.  Body language is under-estimated.  Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer.  If a panel interview maintain eye contact with all panel members.  Don’t over use eye contact and make people uncomfortable.

Communication – speak clearly and at a moderate pace.  Avoid slang and jargon not associated with the job you’re interviewing for.  Always use proper grammar that reflects a higher level of education.

Charm – When attending an interview always appear very interested in the business.  The interviewer will always like to talk about the business and its acheivements.  It’s advisable to direct the attention away from yourself and on to the other person.  Avoid talking too much about yourself.  Try and get the other person to talk about themselves and the business

 The goal of every first impression is for you to stick in the interviewer’s brain.  Instead of being the 4 cylinder model, you want to be the V8 model.

 Don’t forget to thank the interviewer at the conclusion of the interview – a thank you goes a long way……remember it’s the little things that make the difference!

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