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Recession Proof your job – 3 easy steps

With the economy in a vulnerable situation and some big and small business are either closing their doors or laying off major sections of their workforce.  It is important that you don’t panic or jump ship prematurely.  Have a look at these  tips that may assist you recession proof your job:-


1.       Keep a positive attitude

The uncertainty that comes with a recession can make your professional life particularly stressful, but it’s critical that you remain upbeat whenever you are at the office.


2.       Be visible

It’s important that you distinguish yourself from your co-workers if you want to recession proof your job.  You need to ensure that your employer sees you as more than just a number, so try hard to stand out during meetings by taking an active interest in the issues and making constructive suggestions whenever possible.


3.       Take Initiative

The most efficient way to recession proof your job is to become the type of employee your company would need after downsizing its workforce.  As such, you have to be at your absolute best during these trying times, demonstrating your expertise as we as your autonomy.  Keep in mind that working long hours is not nearly as impressive as getting the job done quickly and efficiently.