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Career tip of the month

Sometimes, you need to get back to basic in order to move forward. Many of today’s most disruptive technologies show that logic in action. Uber makes it simple and easy to catch a ride, Xero empowers just about anyone to run their won business and Airbnb relies on one of the most basic ideas of all 0 sharing.

The same idea should apply to the way businesses train and upskill their employees. It’s been proven that video is one of the most effective tools in education. It improves people’s ability to recall facts and details – as much as 83% over a long period of time, and is more cost effective than many traditional training methods.

Why, then, did businesses spend close to half of their training hours last year delivering instructions in a traditional classroom setting?

It’s time to leave ‘the way it’s always been done’ behind and follow the lead of innovative, agile businesses that simply and improve our day-to-day lives.

Int he on-demand economy, businesses, HR and training leaders must get back to basics when it comes to training. Instead of spending $8 billion on traditional, cumbersome learning management systems, businesses should explore instant, scalable, on-demand solutions that cut through the clutter, enable information to be easily retained and turn training from a burden into an opportunity for improved competency, efficiency, safety and productivity.

Ref: HRMonthly November 2015