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This month we are discussing how to make flexible working arrangements successful.

The main area for focus is- Do you have a well thought out Plan?

If you are working from home or part time you need to consider:-

  1. What are the hours I will be available?
  2. How many hours do I need?
  3. How can people contact you?
  4. How will you participate in meetings?
  5. How often will you respond to emails- client and work related?
  6. Do you have the necessary technology to complete your tasks?
  7. How do you plan to communicate?

If you plan to work with flexible arrangements our key advice is to communicate, communicate, communicate! Take the intuitive to check in regularly, particularly in the beginning to see how the situation is working for both yourself and the employer. Be prepared to make adjustments based on the outcomes from advice and feedback, and take all comments as constructive.