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Slaves to the inbox

We need to change our approach to email if we are to take control of productivity in the workplace. That is the conclusion of a new nationwide workplace productivity survey conducted by Human Capital in Australia. The majority of us are at our most productive during the hours of 7am to noon, but waste this high-energy time by checking and responding to emails that bear no relationship to projects that lead to organisation success. Cholena Orr, Director of pac executive Human Capital, says the survey sheds new light “on the degree to which our use of email is harmfully impacting the individual and the company’s success.” Email overload is suffered by 67 per cent of Australians, and each time we react to an incoming message, it takes anywhere between one and 24 minutes to refocus. The advice is to schedule certain times to check emails and stick rigidly to that routine.

Ref: HRMonthly September 2015