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– under most awards, employers need to inform the new employees whether they’re hired as fulltime, part time or casual



  • Work an average of 38 hours per week and usually have ongoing employment.
  • Fulltime employees are entitled to all of the conditions of the National Employment Standards including:-
    • Maximum number of hours per week
    • Paid annual and personal (sick) leave.
    • Public holidays.
    • Notice when they lose their job


  • Work an average of less than 38 hours per week.  They are usually hired on an ongoing basis and work the same set of hours.
  • Are entitled to the same things as full time employees, but on a ‘pro-rata’ basis, meaning that its based on the number of hours worked



  • Are based on the number of hours they work.  They usually aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of hours each week, but can work regular hours.
  • Paid at a higher rate – called ‘casual loading’, instead of some of the benefits that full time and part time employees get.  Casual employees don’t get paid for annual or sick leave.

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