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The brains growth continues throughout adulthood. By engaging your brain builds a reserve of brain cells and connections which assists the brain keep healthier throughout aging. Please find below some exercises that assist in keeping your brain active:-


  • Read – spend 15 to 30 minutes per day reading a book that interests you. Choose a subject that you’d like to learn about, perhaps a novel that requires imagination or an article or topic relating to your chosen career.
  • Take a Class – Learn something new by enrolling in a class. Try yoga or martial arts. Choose a subject that will engage your mind in new ways.
  • Meditate – Requires focus and the ability to clear your mind. Meditation will help relieve stress and improve oxygen flow to the brain.
  • Make lists – Choose a new topic each day and make a list of 20 ideas about the subject. Complete the list as quickly as ideas come from you and try not to over think each idea.
  • Travel – helps stimulate the mind and introduce it to new sensations. Learning from other cultures allows the brain to create new connections and ideas for development
  • Play Word Games – scrabble, crosswords both exercise the brain by engaging the mind by asking it to create words from scrambled letters or to find alternate words for phrases.
  •  Start an intellectually stimulating conversation – create a list of topics that interest you and engage your mind. Find a few people who share the same interest and have a great conversation including problem solving.
  • Exercise – exercising the rest of the body helps exercise the brain.
  • Switch hands – complete every day activities by using the opposite. Just switching hand changes a simple task to an engaging challenge.

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